@ Established in 1966, Remex Industrial Co., Ltd. was named Ming Chang focused on manufacturing mold, in 1970 started to produce impact driver and C clamp. Remex continued upgrading its quality level and developing new products. In 1978 named Remex Industrial Co., Ltd. dedicated in Wrenches, Hand and Power Tools with operations in Taiwan.

@ Since its inception, Remex has spared no efforts to develop advance manufacturing technologies to support development of innovative products. At present, Remex offers wide-range products lines including gear puller series, impact driver series and quick wrench and it is also fully capable of cooperating with customer to fulfill orders on the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) basis.

@ Remexs business philosophy is total dedication to quality. Its products are fully compliant with patent, certified standard. Remex will continue on developing and manufacturing highly stable and exceptional quality products that fully conform to market and customer demands.

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    Tel : 886-4-2212-3131 @Fax : 886-4-2213-3559 @E-mail : remex.tools@msa.hinet.net